Functional Frenuloplasty Fridays

Dr. Robinson Commits A Full Day Per Week to Tongue & Lip Tie Releases. Our Treatment Philosophy Incorporates Myofunctional Therapy As An Integral Part of Successful Tongue & Lip Tie Release Procedures.

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Dr. Robinson’s commitment to functional frenuloplasty and myofunctional therapy underscores our dedication to your well-being. We’ve placed a significant emphasis on this service, even dedicating Fridays in the clinic as “Functional Frenuloplasty Fridays,” Each Friday, Dr. Robinson focuses solely on releases. Dr. Robinson and our team have trained with The Breathe Institute and follow Dr. Zaghi’s methodology, ensuring cutting-edge care.

The Difference Between Treating Children and Adults For Tethered Oral Tissue Issues

Treating tongue and lip tie requires tailored approaches for different age groups. In children, we prioritize proper growth and development, addressing challenges like breastfeeding and speech. For adults, our focus extends to issues such as airway health, posture, pain and temporomandibular joint disorders. Our holistic and technologically advanced methodology ensures transformative outcomes at every stage of life.
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Tongue and Lip Tie Symptoms for
Children and Adults

We address a range of Tethered Oral Tissue symptoms affecting every life stage from  birth through the senior years. Here is a list of general symptoms related to tongue and lip ties.  
  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding difficulties
  • Speech impediments and articulation issues
  • Dental problems and malocclusions
  • Sleep disturbances and disordered breathing
  • TMJ and jaw-related discomfort
  • Posture and musculoskeletal concerns
Every patient is unique.  We go deeper into patient specific symptoms during our evaluations. 

Tongue and Lip Tie Diagnosis for
Children and Adults:

Our clinical evaluation method, honed through training with The Breathe Institute and Dr. Zaghi, enables us to precisely diagnose tongue and lip tie issues. We consider the impact on growth, function, and airway health. This comprehensive approach ensures effective and customized care. It includes:
  • Thorough clinical evaluation
  • Precise diagnosis based on growth,  function and lifestage
  • Airway health assessment 
  • Collaboration with outside specialists when appropriate
  • Integrating medical and dental perspectives
  • Incorporating state of the art diagnostic technologies

Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment for
Children and Adults:

Inspired by The Breathe Institute and Dr. Zaghi, our transformative treatments combine functional frenuloplasty and myofunctional therapy. We focus on releasing restricted tissue and retraining muscles for optimal function. Our experience has been that the best patient outcomes are the result of collaboration and comprehensive care that includes:
  • Functional frenuloplasty procedures
  • Laser -based surgical tools for comfort and accuracy
  • State of the art technology and cutting edge techniques
  • Myofunctional therapy for muscle retraining before and after procedures
  • Collaboration with outside holistic  providers where appropriate
  • Use of research-backed methodologies
Compassion is in our DNA.  If you or a loved one is suffering from a tongue tie and/or lip tie, please make an appointment for an evaluation.  We want to help.